Duration: 45'Pijat Kepala


The traditional Indonesian head massage

This massage is performed on a massage table.
Area: scalp, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.
Rythme: slow.
Pressure: deep.
Oils: Head : vegetable oil and aloe plant gel.
Upper body: vegetable oil and essential oils.

All massage oils are elaborated from organic farming products.

One session: 50 Euros

5-session package, valid for 6 months:
225 Euros (45 Euros per session)

As part of a Deluxe Treatment, this massage can be combined to the Pijat Bali full-body massage,
in a 90-minute or 2-hour experience.

The benefits of Pijat Kepala massage

Pijat Kepala head massage (also known as "Balinese Hair Spa") is an extremely relaxing technique due to the accuracy and depth of its movements.
It is complemented by a massage of the often tensed upper body parts: neck, shoulders, arms and hands, to achieve overall relaxation.

The technique

Alternating deep smoothing and pressure on a slow and steady pace, the scalp massage lasts 20 minutes.
It is followed by softer smoothing, light percussions and wave pressures on the neck, shoulders, arms and hands for a complete relaxation.

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At the crossroads of Asian cultures, the island of Bali is the birthplace of rich and intense massage protocols shaped from the meeting of the Indian, Chinese and Indonesian influences.
Blend of the guidelines of Ayurveda, Chinese energetic medicine and the delicacy of Indonesian body care rituals, traditional Balinese massage strives for the reconciliation of body and mind.