Duration: 60'Californian Massage


This massage is performed on a massage table.
Area: full body.
Rythme: slow to medium.
Pressure: soft to moderate.
Oils: vegetable oil and essential oils

All massage oils are elaborated from organic farming products.

One session: 55 Euros

5-session package, valid for 6 months:
250 Euros (50 Euros per session)

The benefits of Californian massage

Californian massage is a holistic approach inducing both relaxation and the awakening of a psychocorporal consciousness.

The benefits of Californian massage include:

The technique

This massage uses long, slow and fluid movements, allowing a deep physical and mental relaxation.
Starting from soft and enveloping strokes, maneuvers progressively intensify in order to ease deeper tensions.

The more the recipient surrenders to the experience, the more he opens to a non-verbal communication,
specific to Californian massage.

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Californian massage appeared in the early 70s, at the time of the emergence of group therapy advocating the liberation from corporeal armours, expression of feelings and the development of human potential.

The Esalen Institute, a Californian training center, gathered most of the researchers who developed this current of thought that gave birth to many new forms of therapy and bodywork techniques.
It is in this context that Margaret Elke, inspired by the gentle Esalen massage, elaborated the Californian massage protocole she taught in the United States and France, as a complementary tool in psychotherapy.

This technique became popular in the 80s.