Duration: 60'Japanese Facelift


The Japanese Facial Massage

Performed on a massage table.
Area: face and neck.
Rythme: slow.
Pressure: soft to moderate.
Oils: vegetable oil and essential oils.

All massage oils are elaborated from organic
farming products.

As part of a Deluxe Treatment, this massage can be combined:

  • to the Pijat Bali full-body massage, in a 2-hour experience.
  • to the Abhyanga full-body massage, in a 2-hour experience.
  • to the Nuad Tao foot massage, in a 2-hour experience.

One session: 50 Euros

5-session package, valid for 6 months:
225 Euros (45 Euros per session)

The benefits of the Japanese Facelift

This very gentle massage, inspired by a traditional Japanese protocole, is a natural anti-wrinkle technique, spreading a relaxing effect throughout the body.
The beneficial effects of this massage on the elasticity and radiance of the skin are already visible after only 3 to 4 sessions.

The benefits of the Japanese Facelift include:


The Japanese Facelift is a harmonious blend of stroking, kneading, percussions and gentle pressures at slow and steady pace.
The energy flow is restored along the facial meridians using an acupressure technique, issued from the Amma massage.

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This technique is issued from Amma, the basis of all forms of acupressure massage, including modern forms of Shiatsu.
In Japan, beauty is considered the highest stage of health. It is health that shows.
Japanese women use the Japanese Facelift as a natural anti-wrinkle treatment.